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Audrey Griffin

An initial sample of my work

This is an initial sample of my work

There are two main parts to this site: Embroidery (links to recent exhibitions below) and The rest of me.

NEWS: You may be interested in the Embroiderers' Guild "Page 17" exhibition. This is a view of my entry to it, currently on tour to various locations.

page 17 entry

This is an explanation of the piece and how it was constructed.

I have been a member of the Embroiderers' Guild for many years, and have completed City and Guilds Embroidery Parts I and II. I was a member of Fen Edge Textiles (2002-2014), a Masterclass organised by Pauline Verrinder, and continue to attend her subsequent Stitched Textiles Masterclass.

Fen Edge Textiles exhibitions (the links lead to works related to them):

I contributed to the Guild "Capability Brown" effort in 2016 (exhibited at various places in East Anglia)

Capability Brown landscape with reflection

I have also exhibited with the Cambridge branch of the Embroiderers' Guild (2010). This piece was also exhibited at "Love your local market" organised by Cambridge City Council.

Artist’s Profile

Since I have spent my working life writing about art, among other things, retirement has offered a welcome opportunity to practise it. After completing City and Guilds Parts I and II, I joined FET when it started in 2002.

I enjoy the manual process of making things, especially hand embroidery, and also sculpture and ceramics. Inspiration comes from a variety of sources - often things seen while on holiday in obscure corners of northern France and Belgium, or in even more obscure Greek museums. Equally, ideas may come from particularly interesting fabrics and threads, or from verbal or visual jokes. I like to look at things from odd angles and wait for illumination to come.

After that, the execution of the resulting design may or may not be easy. One of the valuable legacies of City and Guilds is knowledge of a variety of techniques which can be put to use as required. Of course, I have my favourites, but I will try anything at least once.

I welcome your comments on this site.